About Us

Founded on a whim in May of 2020, Calm Down Magazine aspires to be the calmest corner of the Internet. Calm Down is an artistic collective of all things tranquil, ranging from writing to collages or short films. If it's beautiful and calming to you, we love it already. Welcome to Calm Down Magazine, we're happy to have you here.


Meet Our Team

The Faces Behind the Magazine


Sophia Moore

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

An avid member of the zine scene since 2018, Sophia decided to create Calm Down after realizing the need for a tranquil place on the Internet. She hopes to foster a supportive and creative community that thrives off of slowing down and enjoying the moment through art. When she's not working on Calm Down, Sophia writes for Affinity Magazine, Lithium Magazine, Uniquely Aligned Magazine, Psychotropic Magazine, and is a contributor to Tonitrudale Magazine.