Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Do I Submit My Work?

Check the "Submissions" tab of our site for more information. Email with all submissions, include your name, age, location, Instagram handle, and the title of your piece to be considered.

What Kind of Work Do you Accept?

We're looking for any creative work that makes you feel calm. Wrote a poem about watching the sunrise? We love it. Took pictures of your friends at a National Park? Beautiful. Made a collage of your favorite calming colors? Perfect. Wrote a song about feeling completely at peace? Send it. If it makes you feel calm, we'd love to publish it. We accept work from all over the world, and there's no age limit on who can submit. Send your work to us at

When Will I hear Back About my Submission?

We'll try to get back to you regarding your submission between 1-3 weeks after receiving it. Be patient! Due to the large volume of submissions, you'll only hear back from our team if your submission is accepted.

Is Calm Down Accepting Team Members?

Check the "Apply" tab on our website for all the latest details.

Is there a limit on how many times I can submit?

No! Calm Down accepts submissions from all creatives, whether it's your first time submitting to us or your hundredth. If your work doesn't get accepted to the site initially, don't be afraid to keep pitching!