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"Dahlias," Poetry by Devika Mathur


There is something about the sniff of dahlias

the orange sunset behind the passengers travelling

a smooth skin like grass

to absorb shard of pain.

I do not hesitate to close my eyelids once again

to sulk deep down in the bohemian air.

A silk like kiss of clouds rests upon my body

to murmur a serene voice of the tempest,

a roar that watches me, a roar produced by me

for me.

I count my fingers to forget my scars all over again

in a vertical pattern

chipped red painted color.

The mirror acknowledges my face

my petite legs

with a knot of forgotten meadows.

Yes, there is something about the sniff of Dahlias

that shouts my fears each day only to make me a soft petal.

Poetry by Devika Mathur, 27.


Instagram: @my.valiant.soul

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