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"Fusion," Photography Series by Seigar

Artist's Statement: Fusion represents the victory of art in hard times. This series shows the combination of different artists: the original wooden sculptures of the artisan J. Miguel Granados, the artistic dress of the designer Laura Hernández and her well-established brand Noah, the inventive makeup of Dailos Gonher, the lighting and photography assistance of Hugo Cebrián, de Curbelo shop as the setting, and the recreation with the professional model Mabe Hernández of the Plastic People project of the photographer Seigar. The photographs are the result of the melting of these artists' disciplines and ideas to claim the importance and need for art. Fusion is a symbol of the triumph of teamwork.

"Fusion" Team credits:

Artisan and wooden sculptor: J. Miguel Granados @j.miguelgranadosdesign

Fashion Designer: Laura Hernández Noah @noah.custom

Model: Mabe Hernández @mabetefehene

Makeup Artist: Dailos Gonher @gonherdailos

Lighting and photography assistant: Hugo Cebrián Serrano @hugocebrian

Creative director and photographer: Seigar @jseigar

Location: de Curbelo Shop @salvadorcurbeloprieto

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