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"Long Lost Smile," Poetry by Siya

I am lost in the woods

Walking miles and miles

In search of that long lost smile

Where has it gone?

Maybe it lies in that first ray of dawn

I hunt in my room

I look under my bed, around my bookshelf 

Searching for that twinkle that existed in my eyes 

Where has it gone? 

I guess it stays with the fireflies that glow outside my room

I am drowning in the sea

I try to swim

Searching for the ecstasy which I got looking at the dolphins 

Where has it gone?

Maybe dolphins took it to someone who was alone

I am questing for a treasure 

The treasure that nature gave me 

That my presence always brought glee

Where has my aura gone?

Did someone else stole it or is it my own soul?

Siya, 16. India.

Instagram: @sia_024

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