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"Sleep Well," Poetry by Emma Flint

I know they hurt you,

Have taken pieces of you,

Destroyed your certainty,

Clouded your worth,

But know they’ll be judged.

They won’t be free,

Your face,

Your pleas,

They’ll haunt their sleep,

Keep them from restful dreams.

You were smaller then,

A wisp of who you’ve become,

What they didn’t bank on,

Was you becoming strong.

Now you have power,

More than you know,

It hurts like hell,

Oh, how I know.

But that pain can fuel you,

It can teach you much,

It doesn’t need to be a source of fear,

Of being touched.

Give yourself time,

Allow yourself a voice,

When their world crashes down,

You can rejoice.

Emma Flint, 29. Midlands, UK.

Instagram: @literateelf

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