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"This Breeze," Poetry by Darcy Isla

This Breeze

This breeze, it's like, it's like

someone pushing your hair behind your ear

trailing their hand down your neck

Being helped gently backwards onto a bed

limbs held as if assembling a new, expensive hammock

to lie down in

like all the tents in summer

at the age of something-teen

where hands went wandering blind

nervous, careful

like trying not to spill


like getting up close for the first time

noticing your precious pores

and wanting to protect

your very skin


like building children in your mind


marrying your names

tangling your fingers

like secrets swapped

under cover of sunset, backstage, around corners

confidences of the heart

This breeze, it's like, it's like

you are still here,



precious and spilled

Darcy Isla.York, UK. Instagram: @darcyislaasyoufindher

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