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To My Dear Friend, *****:

“I love you” are envy-worthy last words.

Words that should never have been last so soon.

You have stumbled upon a cloud darker than night,

A never-ending nightmare -

This new reality.

I cannot end this reality,

Nor can I repair its damages

Or even imagine it’s severity.

All I can offer are a few words:

Take a step away,

Placate your nerves, envision yourself -

Beneath a heath of glorious greenery,

With the sunshine raining heavy upon you,

As the fragrant flowers sway beside you.

Everytime you look at your watch

Know he is in this paradise,

Know he is watching over you.

With every step you take,

Every mistake you make

And every record you break,

Looking with great joy and happiness.

Proud of his son.

Never forget that you are destined for greatness,

You are destined for gold.

Brenden Cano, 18. California, USA.

Instagram: @brendenmcano

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